Sleep calculator

Sleep Calculator - a service for calculating comfortable falling asleep and waking up. Set the time at which you plan to wake up or go to bed, click on the Calculate button. The best time options will be recommended below.

What is a sleep calculator and how to use it

Healthy sleep helps the body recover and calms the nervous system. To wake up every day cheerful and positive - you need to go to bed on time.

Scientists have found that human sleep consists of two phases: slow phase (2 hours) and fast (20 minutes). During the slow sleep phase, the human body recovers, gains strength, and during REM sleep, the brain and body recharge. It is very important to pass these phases and wake up after the desired phase. If you sleep poorly, go to bed at different times-there is a broken state, apathy and irritability.

The sleep calculator is divided into left and right parts. This is done for convenient time calculation, depending on your goal:

Left column: When is the best time to wake up if you plan to fall asleep at a certain time. Select the time at which you plan to fall asleep and click the "calculate" button. Below you will see the options for the best time to wake up.

Right column: when is the best time to fall asleep, if you plan to wake up at the specified time. Select the time of the planned wake-up, and below you will be offered options for the time of falling asleep.

The task of the sleep calculator is to improve the quality of your sleep and help you wake up energized every day. Did the sleep calculator on our website help you? Share it with your friends on social networks and leave feedback.

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