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Online video alarm clock: wake up to YouTube videos

- To set a video alarm clock on the website, select the time (hours and minutes) and adjust the snooze length (the period to reset the alarm). Enter the name of a video or a music clip that you want to play on YouTube. The system will automatically suggest a video that can be used as an alarm signal. Turn on the alarm. The video will start playing at the set time.

- An active Internet connection required for the online video alarm clock. Test the quality of your internet connection.

- Do not close the current tab or the web-browser itself. Do not shut down your personal computer. Otherwise, the online video alarm clock will not work. Turn off the Power Save mode on your personal computer so the video alarm clock could be triggered in time.

- Do not sleep in headphones plugged to a computer. They might fall off your head and you will not hear the sound. Increase speakers’ volume to make sure you will hear the video alarm clock.

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